Pressure Cleaning Service

Pressure cleaning is a great way to wash the outside of your house or building without the need to use harsh chemicals or products. It uses a stream of high pressure water to blast away built up dirt and grime.

Our pressure cleaning is suitable for most outdoor surfaces including concrete, pavement, driveways, patios and brickwork. Our machine has different settings to control the pressure of the water force enabling us to tailor our service to your requirements.

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Why Pressure Cleaning

There are many different reasons for getting your home, office building or commercial building pressure cleaned, and we’ve outlines some great uses for pressure cleaning below for your consideration:

Driveway Cleaning: Pressure cleaning a driveway is the quickest way to get rid of oil stains and tyre marks. Sometimes we will need to use additional products to remove tough oil stains but generally it just a quick water-based clean.

Removing Dirt and Mould from Awnings: Blast away any dirt and moult that is growing in your awnings or other outdoor areas. We also have the option of spraying a mould killer before we start the pressure cleaning to ensure all of the spores are killed and reduce the likelihood of the mould returning.

House Washing: Whether you’re planning on selling your house soon or just want to give it a bit of a refresher, a pressure clean on your house will wash away years of built up grime, making it look good as new. It may be a great alternative to repainting your house as well.

Cleaning Before a Repaint: It is recommended that you conduct a thorough clean of any surface prior to repainting it, and pressure cleaning is a fast and chemical-free option. It may also help strip away any flaking or bubbling paint, making the surface smooth and ready to paint.

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